Research Software


A graphical user interface for repurposing Google Cloud Vision API to the study of collections of images. Before running this tool, make sure you have a Google Cloud account and a Google Cloud credential file (see the tutorial here)

If you use Memespector-GUI in a scientific publication, please cite it 😉

Chao, Jason (2021). Memespector-GUI [Software, version 0.0.1]. Available at

This tool extracts the domain names from URLs delimited by new lines and semicolons. The domain names in the output will resemble the format of the input. It is designed to work well with lines of domain names copied from a spreadsheet. The URLs are supposed to be delimited by a semicolon in the same cell (or on the same line). The domain names in the output boxes will be in the same order as the URLs in the input box.
Chao, Jason (2021). Domain Extractor [Software]. Available here.