SMART is a research group of iNOVA Media Lab specialised in Social Media Research Techniques that aims to conduct exploratory studies advanced by digital methods. The central idea of SMART lies in social media methods with the intention to build new data-driven research techniques to Social Sciences and Humanities, and, in parallel, to engage with (and learn from) device culture.

» Everything starts with the idea of this group first appear in early 2016 in the shape of a one-year research project, and during the Data Laboratory sessions of the Digital Media UT Austin / Portugal doctoral program, at NOVA FCSH – Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The research project was conceptualised by Janna Joceli Omena and entitled “SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS IN PRACTICAL RESEARCH: Designing Data-Driven Techniques with Digital Methods”. Professor António Granado was heading the sessions and mentoring the projects proposals. He came up with the suggestion of using the tool acronym creator because “projects have an acronym”, he said. Relying on the project title, different keywords combination were applied, and among all ordinary, weird, comic or odd options, the chosen one was SMART – short for social media research techniques. “It sounds good!”, that is what they said to each other. After that, and meanwhile the project was taking form, professor Paulo Nuno Vicente (the then newly appointed coordinator of iNOVA Media Lab) invited Janna Joceli Omena for an informal meeting. It did not take too long to put two and two together. On 6 October 2016, SMART was officially presented at iNOVA Media Lab. Under the leadership of Omena, the group implemented the SMART Data Sprint in January 2017, the first of many to come.

Over the years, the SMART team has received master and PhD students from different fields and backgrounds, people who either have contributed to the organisation of #SMARTDataSprint or taken part of the SMART theoretical-practical meetings. See below tab the list of former SMARTERs and the current team.

Janna Joceli Omena is a digital media doctoral researcher at UT Austin, Portugal Program (NOVA FCSH) and an invited lecturer at Information Management School (NOVA IMS), Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She develops her work at iNOVA Media Lab where she founded the SMART Data Sprint // Digital Media Winter Institute and coordinates the group Social Media Research Techniques (SMART). Besides theorising and doing digital methods, her main research interests are platforms-software studies, digital networks and the technicity of the medium.  
Twitter: @JannaJoceli

Ana Marta M. Flores holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in journalism from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) with a ​partial completion at ​the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and is graduated in Social Communication & Journalism. Currently, investigates how trends studies and digital methods can contribute to a better understanding of innovation in Journalism. Flores is also a member of the Center for Studies and Production in Hypermedia Applied to Journalism (Nephi-Jor), and a researcher at Social Media Research Techniques at iNOVA Media Lab. Since 2014 she has been teaching in postgraduate courses in Brazil and Portugal with a focus on digital media.
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Elena Pilipets is a postdoc researcher at the Department of Media and Communication Studies, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria and SMART (Social Media Research Techniques) collaborator with iNOVA Media Lab, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal.  She earned her PhD degree in Media Theory and Cultural Studies (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt) and now works on the issues of social media circulation, algorithmic control, and affective engagement. Her teaching and research interests are media cultural studies, internet research, digital methods, affect, and actor-network theory. 

Jason Chao is a technologist and human rights activist. Chao is currently a PhD student and researcher at the University of Siegen. His research interests include digital methods and app studies. He received an MSc in Big Data and Digital Futures from the University of Warwick and an MA in Human Rights Law from SOAS, University of London.

Former Group Formations
Team 2019/2020
Ana Marta M. Flores
Cristian Ruiz
Elena Pilipets
Elsa Caetano
Janna Joceli Omena

Team 2018/2019
Ana Marta M. Flores
Cristian Ruiz
Elsa Caetano
Janna Joceli Omena

Team 2016/2017
Ana Lúcia
Ana Marta M. Flores
Ariane Paiva
Benjamin Meindl
Cristian Ruiz
Eduarda Cantaluppi
Elsa Caetano
Kalina Drenska
Ilo Aguiar
Janna Joceli Omena
Manuel Bogalheiro
Manuel Petrik
Marcela Canavarro
Rodrigo Silva
Thiago Santos
Vanessa Amaral