2022 Discussing Methods Making 🔗

» Indigenous Activism on ​Environmental Issues on TikTok

» Insta pop: Exploring how different populist leaders are using Instagram to promote their agendas

» After all, what are bolsobots like these days?

» Mapping apps in Google Play Store: what do gender representation and sexuality look like?

»Self-Care or Subjectivation? Mindfulness and motherhood in the media 🔜✨✨

2021 The current state of platformization 🔗

» #vivasylibresnosqueremos: Digital practices and public debates of feminisms in Latin America

» Facebook as a political platform

» Investigating cross-platform visual issuefication: the case of Brazil’s Pantanal wildfires

» Gramming #covid19, reframing the pandemic: Exploring how algorithms and user practices shape COVID-19 imaginaries on Instagram over time

» I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT! Trump spectacle and memetic antagonism on Twitter

#homesofInsta for a #lockdownlife: a digital exploration of everyday aesthetics and mediated domesticity on Instagram

2020 Digital Methods: Theory-practice-Critique 🔗

» Cross-Platform Digital Networks: Exploring the narrative affordances of force-directed layouts and data relational nature

» From “tumblr purge” to “female nipples”: Telling a story of platform censorship critique through memes and digital methods

» Anti-Feminist and Anti-LGBT Discourse in Brazil

» Method maps: accounting for and situating the work with digital tools

2019 Beyond Visible Engagement 🔗

» Exploring the News Apps Environment on Google Play Store.

» Health myths’ circulation on social media: the cases of detox therapies, anti-vaxxers and zika epidemics

» Interrogating Vision APIs

» Frugal Innovation

2018 Interpreters of Platform Data 🔗

» Visualising engagement on Zika epidemic

» Femminicidio in Italian media and public debate

» Mapping Femicide discourses on Twitter

2017 What is the data journalism debate on social media? 🔗

» The Data Journalism Debate on Facebook Groups

» Data Journalism Pages on Facebook – Is there a community?

» The representativeness of Data Journalism on Instagram

» #PanamaPapers: 48 minutes on Twitter